Saturday, May 25, 2024

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As you can see, it is night, the cowling is open, and Herb and Harry are about to have a go at the fleet. This is where the assault on the unwary traveler began- before they spied the oil leaks, felt the lack of heat in the winter, no cooling in the summer,or lost their bags at any time. You could also count on the frequent flyer to help you keep tabs on the number of operating engines and the identity of the dead engines. "Oh Captain, its the engine on this side that's been burping!"

  • Wouldn't you like to own the oil rights to the ramp?

  • That's Great Isaacs Light-looks like a submarine lying low in the water.

  • We are now flying over the Bahama Bank. If you had a tall friend, you could stand on his shoulders and walk all the way to Treasure Cay and never get your hair wet.

  • You need to crack a little ice before you fly captain.

  • A little Jimmy Dent overshoot.

  • The co-pilot will now get out and push us to the ramp!

  • #*#*em-we'll go VFR!

  • Ground checks OK!

  • Suddenly our tanks became filled with air!


  • "Ladies & Gentlemen, welcome aboard-----OH SHIT!" (over radio)

  • Fall on your sword.

  • A cigar and a glove filled with puke.

  • "Put it in the tongue of the ocean, Bob!"

  • "DOOR!"